What is Supreme Audit Institution?

<p>SAI is the external auditor for Auditees​&#160;in the United Arab Emirates</p>

What standards does SAI follow in its work?

<p>​</p><div>SAI auditors are required to&#58;</div><div><ul><li>Adhere to the INTOSAI Code of Ethics<br><br></li><li>Follow INTOSAI International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions in their work<br><br></li><li>Follow International Standards on Auditing in their work<br><br></li><li>Consider UAE laws and regulations in their work<br><br></li><li>Protect the public interest<br><br></li><li>Ensure their work is professionally performed and sufficiently comprehensive to arrive at a credible opinion<br>​<br></li><li>Ensure their work is free from conflict of interest and that auditor independence is maintained​<br></li></ul></div>

Is SAI independent?

<p>​</p><div>​SAI adopts the principles of independence considered by INTOSAI to be essential for proper public sector auditing. INTOSAI principles of independence require the following principles to be enshrined in an appropriate and effective law</div><div><ul><li>The extent of independence of the supreme audit institution is spelt out in detail<br><br></li><li>Independence of the head and members of the supreme audit institution, including security of tenure and legal immunity in the normal discharge of their duties<br><br></li><li>A sufficiently broad mandate and full discretion in the discharge of supreme audit institution functions<br><br></li><li>Unrestricted access to information<br><br></li><li>The right and obligation to report on the supreme audit institution’s work<br><br></li><li>The freedom to decide the content and timing of audit reports and to publish and disseminate them<br><br></li><li>The existence of effective follow–up mechanisms on supreme audit institution recommendations<br><br></li><li>Financial, managerial and administrative autonomy and the availability of appropriate human, material, and monetary resources.​<br></li></ul></div>

How does SAI lead by example?

<p></p><div>As the external auditor to the Federal Government, SAI must have effective governance structures in place as an example to its clients. The SAI governance structure includes&#58;</div><div>&#160;</div><div>o An Advisory Committee chaired by the President and comprising eminent professionals and experts with credentials in the fields of accountancy, audit and management to provide expert strategic advice to SAI</div><div>&#160;</div><div>o An Audit Technical Group comprising eminent professionals and inhouse SAI employees to provide expert technical and operational advice to the President on matters related to professional practice in the fields of accountancy and audit</div><div>&#160;</div><div>o An Audit Committee to oversight the adequacy and integrity of SAI financial reporting, control environment, risk management, internal audit, fraud control, and including review of the annual independent financial statement audit</div><div>&#160;</div><div>o A Quality Committee to oversight the overall quality of SAI work, quality control of audit services, and periodic independent review of quality across the organization</div><div>&#160;</div><div>o An independent internal audit function that has appropriate resources to provide an effective internal audit service to SAI</div><div>&#160;</div><div>o Financial reporting where annual financial statements are produced that are independently audited</div><div>&#160;</div><div>o An effective control environment, risk management and fraud control</div><div>&#160;</div><div>o Other mechanisms necessary for effective governance of SAI​</div>

What is INTOSAI ?

<p>​<span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">​T</span><span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">he Int</span><span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">ernational Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) operates as an umbrella organisation for the external government audit community. For more than 50 years it has provided an institutionalised framework for supreme audit institutions to promote development and transfer of knowledge, improve government auditing worldwide and enhance professional capacities, standing and influence of member SAIs in their respective countries. In keeping with INTOSAI's motto, 'Experientia mutua omnibus prodest', the exchange of experience among INTOSAI members and the findings and insights which result, are a guarantee that government auditing continuously progresses with new developments.</span></p><p>INTOSAI is an autonomous, independent and non-political organisation. It is a non-governmental organisation with special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.</p><p>INTOSAI was founded in 1953 at the initiative of Emilio Fernandez Camus, then President of the SAI of Cuba.&#160;At that time, 34 SAIs met for the 1st INTOSAI Congress in Cuba. At present INTOSAI has 192 Full Members and 5 Associated Members.</p><p>State Audit Institution&#160;is a member of the International Organization of the Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI). It takes the opportunity of exchanging ideas and experiences between the world's Supreme Audit Institutions in the INTOSAI autonomous, independent, non-political and non-governmental environment. More information on INTOSAI available at&#58; www.intosai.org. </p><p>SAI is committed to support the INTOSAI and regional activities and initiatives aimed at improving the Governmental Auditing practices. SAI also participates in many regional working groups, such as IDI, environmental audit group, Money Laundering group, etc.</p><p>Statre Audit Institution is&#160;hosting the INCOSAI&#160;in December 2016, therefore <span style="line-height&#58;27.7333316802979px;">H</span><span style="line-height&#58;27.7333316802979px;">E Dr. Saeed Hareb Al Amim</span><span style="line-height&#58;27.7333316802979px;">i</span> the president of&#160;<span style="line-height&#58;27.7333316802979px;">State Audit In</span><span style="line-height&#58;27.7333316802979px;">stitution</span> become the&#160;First Vice-Chairman&#160;of the INTOSAI.&#160;<br></p>

What is INCOSAI?

<p style="text-align&#58;justify;">​​The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) is the second largest international organization after the United Nations and it includes more than 199 Supreme Audit Institutions as members. The organization holds an international conference (INCOSAI) every three years hosted by a SAI member.&#160;</p><p style="text-align&#58;justify;">The INCOSAI is the most important conference that deals with the audit of public sector and is attended by the heads of the SAIs members of the INTOSAI, as well as representatives from international organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank and professional organizations competent to develop audit standards.&#160;</p><p style="text-align&#58;justify;">The SAI of the UAE offered to organize and host the conference in December&#160;2016 in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. Since the international community appreciates the prominent position of the United Arab Emirates and the active role of the SAI of the UAE, this hosting was approved. Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, will witness the 22nd INCOSAI conference in 2016.&#160;</p><div style="text-align&#58;justify;">The SAI of the UAE will host all SAIs in the world and the representatives of the General Secretariat of INTOSAI &#160;as well as international organizations including the United Nations in order to discuss the most important issues related to the audit of public sector. This is another achievement added to many achievements of the SAI which seeks to be excellent in the performance of its audit functions hand in hand with the blessed endeavors made by the leadership and the Government of the United Arab Emirates in various fields.</div><div><br></div>

What gives SAI the right to do its job?

<div>​​​​​​Article 136 of the UAE Constitution states that “An independent Union department headed by an Auditor–General who shall be appointed by decree, shall be established to audit the accounts of the Union and its organs and agencies, and to audit any other accounts assigned to the said department for that purpose in accordance with the law. The law shall regulate this department and shall define its jurisdiction and the competence of those working therein, and the guarantees to be given to it, its head and the employees working in it, in order that they may carry out their duties in the most efficient manner.”</div><div> <br> </div><div>Federal Law No (8) for 2011&#160;“On The Reorganization Of The State Audit Institution&quot;<br></div><p> <br> </p>

What is the objective of SAI?

<p>​​The objective of SAI is to provide assurance through auditing, monitoring and investigating that resources of the UAE Federal Government are&#58;</p><div><ul><li>Aministered in a sound financial manner<br><br></li><li>Utilized in line with Federal Government laws, regulations and budgets<br><br></li><li>Accounted for in a transparent manner to ensure accountability<br><br></li><li>Used in a way that results in Federal Government Ministries and organizations achieving their objectives that result in positive outcomes for the UAE and its people<br><br></li><li>Used in a way that promotes economy, efficiency and effectiveness​<br></li></ul></div>

What does the State Audit Institution do?

<p>​​​</p><div>SAI may perform the following functions&#58;</div><div><ul><li>Attestation audits<br><br></li><li>Compliance audits<br><br></li><li>Forensic audits<br><br></li><li>Anti-Corruption and&#160;Investigations in financial offenses​<br><br></li><li>Performance information audits<br><br></li><li>Performance audits<br><br></li><li>Project audits<br>​<br></li><li>Provide other advice and guidance that will not impair the independence of SAI</li></ul>​​​*This list is not exclusive and can be increased.​<br></div>

Who can SAI audit?

<p>​​​</p><div>​SAI can audit</div><div><ul><li>Ministries of Federal Government<br><br></li><li>Other Federal Government organizations<br><br></li><li>Public corporations owned by Federal Government<br><br></li><li>Public corporations in which Federal Government retains at least 25% ownership<br><br></li><li>Other corporations or companies in which Federal Government guarantees minimum profit or financial subsidy<br><br></li><li>Any other corporation or organization which is of public interest<br><br></li><li>Any Federal Government project<br><br></li><li>Federal National Council<br><br></li><li>Any government organization in an Emirate where the Ruler of the Emirate requests SAI to audit<br><br></li></ul>​*This list is not exclusive and can be increased.<br></div>

What are SAI powers?

<p>​​​</p><div>​​SAI has powers&#58;</div><div><ul><li>To review and examine any documents and records whether hardcopy or electronic, and may pursue any person or asset with a Federal Government Ministry of organization<br><br></li><li>To compel submission of documents and records whether hardcopy or electronic, or summon persons so he can perform his functions and duties<br><br></li><li>Of right of access to information whether hardcopy or electronic pertaining to outsourced or contracted out services and functions of Federal Government Ministries and organizations<br><br></li><li>Of right of access to information whether hardcopy or electronic even if it is deemed commercial–in–confidence by a Federal Government Ministry of organization<br><br></li><li>Of right of access to interview people for the performance of its functions and duties, whether they be Ministers, Under Secretaries, chief executive officers, employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers, or any other person. A person interviewed by SAI is compelled to answer and to answer truthfully<br><br></li><li>To review and examine any internal audit documents and records whether hardcopy or electronic of a Federal Government Ministry of organization<br><br></li><li>To enter the premises of a Federal Government Ministry of​&#160;organization, or any other entity to perform his functions and duties without notice and without need of any authorization except for proper identification issued by SAI<br><br></li><li>To appoint contract auditors and other relevant external expertise to supplement SAI resources<br><br></li><li>To order the presence of SAI to any meetings of a Federal Government Ministry of organization to perform its functions and duties<br><br></li><li>to attend audit committee meetings of a Federal Government Ministry of organization in observer capacity</li></ul>*​​This list is not exclusive and can be increased. Other powers not stated which are inherent in SAI performing its functions and duties are impliedly granted.​<br></div>

How does SAI report its work?

​​​​​Reports prepared by SAI are issued to the Feder​​al Government, this includes&#58;<ul><li><span style="color&#58;#333333;">Audit reports including attestation audits, compliance audits and performance audits<br></span><br></li><li><span style="color&#58;#333333;">Consolidated report on SAI work for the year with emphasis on common and systemic governance and control issues across Federal Govern​​ment<br></span><br></li><li> <span style="color&#58;#333333;">​SAI annual report including independently audited financial statements<br></span><br></li><li><span style="color&#58;#333333;">​</span><span style="color&#58;#333333;">Any other reports the President considers should be issued</span><br></li></ul><span style="color&#58;#333333;"><br>​SAI audit reports are also issued to the Head of a Federal Government Ministry of organization where an audit has been performed.<br></span><span style="color&#58;#333333;"><br>SAI may provide periodic reports and guidance to the Federal ​Government on​&#58;<br></span><ul><li> <span style="color&#58;#333333;">UAE Federal laws</span><br></li><li><span style="color&#58;#333333;">Governance, risk management and control</span><br></li><li><span style="color&#58;#333333;">Internal audit</span></li><li><span style="color&#58;#333333;">Performance of Federal Government Ministries of organizations</span><br></li><li><span style="color&#58;#333333;">Performance of Federal Government generally</span><br></li><li><span style="color&#58;#333333;">Any other subject or matter at discretion of the President</span><br></li></ul> ​&#160;

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