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The Role of the SAI in Protecting Integrity & Combating Corruption At the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC

Out of the UAE conviction that the Corruption is considered as a polymorphic criminal negatively affect the moral values, political, economic and social life , and according to its desire to activate the efforts in order to address and combat the corruption that facilitate the international cooperation track at the GCC level in this regard, particularly with regard to extradition and mutual legal assistance, in addition to property recovery.

Furthermore, based on GCC’s Statutes which states the unity and common purpose that gather its people and achieve the coordination, Integration and interdependence between them in all fields. These are in addition to deepen its relations, contacts and the cooperation aspects with their people in various fields underlining the necessity of cooperation to reduce and combat corruption as a transnational issue.

Accordingly, the UAE efforts in its various and specialized institutions in this field were focused on working forward toward reducing the corruption and preventing its high incidence in the community. The SAI as the supreme audit institution in the country, was assigned to detect cheating and financial corruption over its funds as well as the auditees’ funds. It also was particularly assigned with verifying the integrity and legality of managing these funds as stipulated in its restructuring law and its internal regulation.

In fulfillment of its commitments to the Charter of the United Nation, Conventions and the international and regional treaties in the field of the legal, juridical and security cooperation for preventing and combating the crime related to corruption which the UAE is considered as a party, such as the UN Convention against corruption; the SAI continuously seeks with agencies responsible of protecting integrity and combating corruption at the GCC to promote the cooperation by exchanging the experiences and expertise, as well as, unifying the positions and visions of GCC on matters related to protecting the integrity and combating the corruption by:

 The active participation in the meeting with agencies responsible of protecting integrity and combating corruption in GCC to debate on the subject under discussion and find the proper solution to combat it. This is in addition to prepare studies and researches related to fighting corruption.

 Activating the Gulf cooperation by suggesting the effective methods to reduce corruption and combat it in coordination and cooperation with public entities and institutions that carrying out the fight against corruption in GCC and exchange the experiences and expertise with them to reduce the corruption.

 Practical implementation of projects approved by heads of agencies in the GCC countries as the guidelines along with following up the mechanisms of implementation with other GCC countries.

 Preparing and training the employees at the level of the GCC anti-corruption agencies by organizing joint training programs to improve their skills and empowering them with the practical experiences in the field of combating the corruption.

 Encouraging the individuals, public and private institutions at the level of GCC countries to participate effectively to combat the corruption and enrich the concept of citizenship and social responsibility by the various mass media in order to raise the awareness on the risks of corruption and the ways of combating them.

These joint efforts of the agencies responsible of protecting the integrity and combating the corruption in the GCC countries during the last period were illustrated by approving several principles and guidelines that contribute to reduce the corruption. for example the guidelines for exchanging experiences and expertise among agencies responsible of combating corruption in the GCC countries and their implementation mechanisms . This is in addition to their effort to conclude a gulf convention to combat corruption through gradient in issuing the instruments and covenants related to protecting the integrity and combating corruption to give the convention its own nature against the other counterpart international and regional conventions.


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